Lillie - We've signed our students up and now can't figure out how to get their writing into the book I created. It keep showing "editor" in the right hand corner. What are we doing incorrectly?Thanks

Thanks for getting in touch, and sorry you seem to be having trouble. I’m not quite sure from your description what you mean.

For a speedy resolution, please drop an email to our development team so they can give you some personal help:

Remember to send this using the email address that you signed up with!


Is it possible to change the author of the story start. I used the story start created by one of the teams but it is me shown as its author. I would prefer the name of that group :-)

Unfortunately, at this time it is not possible to change the authorship of a Story Start.

The Author of a Story Start is linked to the account that created it. So, if you were logged in as a Teacher and created a custom Story Start, it will be attributed to you.

If you could contact our development team directly they may be able to help or give further advice. Please contact (please remember to use the email address that is linked to your BoomWriter account)

How do I create my own story start?

First, login to your teacher account and then go to the story starts section.

From the side menu choose ‘Your School’. From here you can view and use story starts created by other teachers at your school. You can also write and manage your own.

Note that when you create a your own story start it is only available to any other teachers registered to the same BoomWriter school account.

Hope this helps!

1. Can I create my own story start, or do I have to use one of BoomWriter's story starts? 2. After students vote and choose a next chapter, can I, as the teacher, write the following chapter? In other words, I want to make it so that I am write every other chapter. The students vote on what happens next. It would be like a choose your own adventure that I am in charge of.

Great questions!

1. Yes you can create your own story start. Login to your teacher account and go to the story starts section and from the side menu choose ‘Your School’. Note that when you create a your own story start it is only available to any other teachers registered to the same BoomWriter school account.

2. Unfortunately this cannot be done right now. BoomWriter is designed to allow students to shape the direction of the story and collectively decide where to take it next. The process we use does not currently have any facility to allow teachers to insert chapter.

Thanks - drop us a line if you have any more questions!

Hello, I would like to ask why there are only 4 entries seen by my students while voting even though 6 were approved by me. I know they can't vote for their own entry but still one is missing. Is there an error? Best wishes, Barbara Głuszcz

Hi Barbara.

There is no error! On BoomWriter the voting process only shows a maximum of four entries at a time. In a round that has many entries (a class of 30 for instance) it would be impossible to read all 30 in one go and decide which is best.

So, our voting system uses a scoring algorithm which means students see no more than 4 entries at a time. They can potentially vote more than once. In the case you describe a student without an approved entry will be able to vote twice, where-as a student with an approved entry will only be able to vote once.

Our system distributes the chapters that different students see and incorporates other checks and balances. This ensures that each entry has an equal chance of winning.

How do you start the voting? I have all students approved but see no way to open up the voting

If you have approved at least 2 entries, you should see a button at the bottom of the books management page (below the list of students with entries) that will start voting.

If you don’t see this, please can you drop a line to our developers - they will be able to give you one-to-one support to help you:


Hi Lillie! Is there a way that I can change how many votes each chapter can get. After one student votes, it's already up to 10% of voting is complete. I have 22 students in my class, and I would love if they all had the opportunity to vote. Thanks!


Voting will run for at least the time period you set. So if you set voting to run for 2 days, it will run for at least two days. After that if there are enough votes a winner will be declared (automatically) otherwise it will wait another day and try again.

You can extend the ‘end voting on’ date whilst voting is running, this should give you the control to allow any students that haven’t voted to log in. Your students should login and vote before the minimum voting time has ended in order to guarantee their vote counts! They may be able to vote after the minimum time expires but that is not guaranteed.

The voting counter calculates the percentage using these two criteria sets, so if you change the minimum voting you’ll see the progress change. It is really there to give you some instant feedback on where your student are with the voting.

Where does the money go from published books being purchased?

BoomWriter is a for-profit company that supports teachers by offering a free Web-based, group writing tool. Teachers can convert completed projects into published books, which students and their family members have the option of purchasing. Currently, all revenue generated from book sales is used to maintain the site’s operating expenses and continued  free access to schools.

How can you go back and edit after you have approved a chapter for a student?

At this time, it is not possible to edit/change a chapter once you have approved it for voting.

However, you can always contact us directly letting us know the book and the student and we will be able to help you directly:

I am trying to use The House story start but when I click on it the search says it can't be found?? How can I use it?

Sorry about that the writer of The House un-published the story start! It;s is back up now so it’s all ready for you to use.

Either go to the Story Start section and find it in there, or click the banner at the top of the Story Start page (we promise that this time it will work!).